First week of my exchange period

So this blog is about exchangelife in Clermont Ferrand. I’m a finnish girl and I will study in Clermont Ferrand for four months. My main subject in my home country is human resources. In this blog I will tell about exchangelife, basics of Clermont-Ferrand and some advices for exchange studying.

First of all I’ll tell about my first days in Clermont. I arrived in France in New Year’s Day, 2016. My plane landed in Paris and then I had to take a train to Clermont. It was so nice to notice how helpful french people are! Without asking they helped me to carry my huge suitcases and to find my apartment. Only problem was that many of them didn’t understand English at all. Even my taxi driver in Paris was a bit lost at first but luckily I arrived to Clermont safely. In New Year’s Day Clermont was very empty and quiet. I was so relieved to arrive in to my new home – first big challenge completed !

So I live in a very nice house near the train station. There is also seven other students in my house, one other exchange student from Canada and six french students. The atmosphere of our house is comfortable and cozy. First weekend I spent with my roommate and on Monday, 4th of January, I had my first day at school. In orientationday I got a lot of information of school and I got to know other exchange students. In the end of the first day we had tour of city, so I learnt to know some important places downtown. On Tuesday I went to bank to open french bank account. It was an interesting experience because the bank clerk spoke only little bit English, mainly just French. So it was a bit difficult to understand what was going on but hopefully everthing went right.

Briefly, at my first days in Clermont I got to know the city, people, school and french culture. So far everything has gone well. At the end of the week I had my first exchange trip: I went to Paris for three days. But I will tell more about that in my next post. So now, au revoir !




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